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Thursday 05 July 2018

Pyramids Plaza, Portsmouth

Dedication breeds the best results. Grammy Award-winning multiplatinum guitarist and singer Mark Tremonti continues to wholeheartedly commit himself to his craft, barely drawing a breath for air in between his eponymous bands Alter Bridge and Creed.

Following tours supporting his critically acclaimed 2012 solo debut album All I Was, and Alter Bridge’s chart-topping Fortress, he immediately began writing in his Orlando Studio at the top of 2014. Joined by longtime guitarist Eric “Erock” Friedman, drummer Garrett Whitlock, and bassist Wolfgang Van Halen – a studio first! Tremonti penned more than twenty-five songs over the course of multiple sessions.

We wanted to do a ton of songs ,” he affirms. “I decided to take my entire catalog of material, get everything out, and purge it .”

Emerging from the most prolific period of his two-decade career, Tremonti delivers successive albums Cauterize and Dust.

With Cauterize leading the charge in summer 2015 and Dust following in the near future, the one-two punch of modern thrash and melody that has become the group’s signature fuels this engine, but Tremonti tweaks it with a polyrhythmic jackhammer at just the right moments. As a result, the music stands at a crossroads between timeless metal, infectious hard rock, and progressive pummeling.

We were going after three elements ” he goes on. “To me, melody is the most important part of any song. Combining that with speed metal is the most rewarding aspect of assembling the music. Then, we color the songs with a modern twist of polyrhythms. It makes a statement .”

It’s a sound that continues to engage listeners. The group sold out countless shows on its first-ever tour in 2013 and has a full slate of dates lined up ahead—including appearances at major festivals.

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